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Florian Stolzenhain is an accredited designer and web developer. He supports and realizes web solutions and workflows with an emphasis on content systems and team tooling.

He possesses a unique set of skills:

  1. Active listening
  2. Vivid explanation of methods
  3. Developing concepts in a team
  4. Development of necessary tools
  5. Transparent documentation of processes
  6. Maintaining and optimizing systems

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1. Listening to the team

„His commitment to enhance smooth teamwork is outstanding. Due to his suggestions (...), we were able to improve our internal communication processes and the efficiency within the team.“

— Blitzen GmbH & Co. KG

A simple approach: Let everybody get a word in. Then set up transparent structures that capture the processes.
By using methodical interviews, we facilitate access to otherwise hidden knowledge of each team member.

2. Explaining approaches

„Florians talks are legendary.“

Arthur Lorenz, Frontend & Backend Developer, 1xINTERNET

Training does not have to be dry or linear: Short talks reveal new perspectives, even on common topics. We focus on universal approaches, not specific tools.

Titel Anlaß Zielgruppe
Texteditoren: FoldingText und Selbstorganisation Drupal-Usergroup Projektmanagement, Entwicklung
Markdown – Usecases Reintext-Markup-Languages Blitzen Projektmanagement, Entwicklung
From Content to Frontend – What Lurks … Beneath the View? Frontend-Usergroup Frontend, Entwicklung
Automatisierte Backups Drupal-Usergroup System-Administration, Entwicklung
Code less – care less! With Atomic CSS Frontend-Usergroup Frontend
Getting over Frameworks without making an ass of yourself Frontend-Usergroup Entwicklung
Responsive Spritemaps Frontend-Usergroup Frontend
Drupal-Portale für Veranstaltungen und Medienpanels Drupal-Usergroup Kreation, Projektmanagement


„Very informative and entertaining talk. Perfect mixture!“

— Norman Kämper-Leymann

3. Developing and attending to projects

[…] you are doing fantastic work […] – a great developer!

— Nikolai Borisov

I do consult how to set up websites. But more than that: I also provide and maintain smooth technical implementations that last many years.

Technical project management, A MAZE. Festivals, A L’ARME! Festival

CMS & Frontend:

Urgewald e.V.,, Uferhallen e.V., Ziviler Friedensdienst, Medienwoche, Media Convention, Gamesweek, Deutsche Gamestage, Stattbad Berlin, Wikimedia e.V.

4. Handling organizations with tools

Florian's curiosity makes him a natural problem solver. He always picks the best tool for each job. Even if the solution does not exist, Florian is known to develop the tool in-house.

— Dan Kreiger

We develop tools for team organization. The desired result: saving resources through more consistent processes. The approach: starting with diligent observation instead of hastily enforced solutions. Because you don't want to consult us every week but want to enjoy an effective and long-lasting improvement.

5. Documenting and sharing knowledge

„The most beautiful mail that I ever received.“

Volker Fricke, Head of Development, Blitzen GmbH & Co KG

Documentation that's actually being read and maintained: not such a simple task.

That's why we take extra effort in quality: even the most elegant coordination becomes useless if people cease to comprehend it.

6. Support and omptimization

Older projects bear optimization potential, too.

We are specialized in examining running projects and in securing their operation. Then, we optimize step by step. Some small, some large:

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We'll gladly get to know you by setting up a chat!
A short mail to contact@studioagenturbuero is all that's needed.

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